Since 1990, Mr. Dalton has been certified as a Mediator and has conducted hundreds of mediations of civil matters, both on a fee basis and pro bono, through Dallas and Tarrant County dispute resolutions programs, court appointments, and selection by parties.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process by which a neutral person – the mediator – facilitates settlement of disputes between parties.  It’s non-binding – that is, the mediator cannot order anyone to do anything – but it can produce final results that often are better and more fair than what results if the dispute goes to litigation and gets decided by a judge or a jury.  This is because, in mediation, the parties themselves control the outcome:  They negotiate a resolution that almost never gives either side all of what it wanted, but which is acceptable to both sides and final, without the uncertainty and time delays that can occur with appeals after a final judgment in a trial.

Do I have to file a lawsuit to get to mediation?

Mediation does not require a lawsuit.  It can be used to resolve internal conflicts in companies and organizations of all types, as well as disputes between individuals or individuals and companies.

Whatever type of dispute you may have, mediation can be a very cost-effective way to resolve that dispute without burning bridges or starting a lawsuit or, if you’re already in a lawsuit, mediation can be an excellent way to get the litigation settled once and for all on terms agreeable to you.

Please contact us to discuss Mr. Dalton’s mediation practice and his availability to serve as a mediator for your dispute.